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HRC Fuse Link

HRC Fuse Link elements are safety components that are commonly used in electrical applications where there is a risk of damage due to high rupturing currents. These safety components help to protect machines and appliances due to short circuits or voltage spikes.

HRC Fuse Base

Our company offers premium-grade HRC Fuse Base components that are used in low-voltage applications to give protection against power fluctuations. These components are available in different sizes and power ratings as per orders placed by our customers and the circuits in which they are going to be installed.


MCB also known as miniature circuit breaker switches are electrical-grade safety units that are designed to shut off the circuit in case of over-voltages. The offered switches can also be used to transfer power between main and auxiliary power sources during the repairing process.

On Load Changeover Switch

On Load Changeover Switch elements are smart devices that are designed to transfer power control from the main source to backup in case of electrical damage and repair to maintain continuous power flow. Get these switches in various power ratings as per your needs at a reasonable price.

Switch Disconnector

Switch Disconnector switches also known as load breakers are robust electrical fittings that are designed to isolate circuitry from the power source. These units are commonly used in power plants and electrical distribution systems to ensure safe operation as well as provide excellent protection during the maintenance cycle.

Link Disconnector

Our company is known as one of the leading names that provide Link Disconnector elements that can be used in low to high-powered electrical systems to shut down circuits in case of overvoltages. The offered products can be delivered to our clients in bulk with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.

Fuse Puller

Fuse Puller tools are small handheld components that are commonly used in electrical applications for the safe removal of fuse from circuits without the risk of accidents and damages. Get these products in large quantities at a reasonable and low price.

Motor Starter

Motor Starter components are robust devices that are designed to ensure the safe starting of electrical motors by eliminating damages due to large current supply or overvoltages. The offered starters are available in various sizes and power ratings as per the order placed by our customers.

Rewirable Kit-Kat Fuse

Rewirable Kit-Kat Fuse devices are high-performance electrical safety units that are used to protect circuits and electrical installations from overcurrent. These units are designed as per electrical standards that make them capable to resist variable voltages.

HBC Fuse Link

HBC Fuse Link components are premium-grade safety units that can be used in low to high-powered circuits for the protection of circuit elements and conductors. Get these reliable products at a reasonable price.

Bakelite Fuse Fittings

Bakelite Fuse Fittings are special types of safety components that are provided with an insulated coat around the fuse element to cover the live wire. The offered components can be delivered to our clients in bulk as per the order placed by them.

STAR-DELTA Motor Starters

STAR-DELTA Motor Starters are highly reliable control systems that are designed for the safe starting of three-phase electrical motors. These units are in high demand within industrial sectors for the safe and efficient functioning of motor-powered machines.

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